Brownfield Development

Brownfield Development

Brownfields are abandoned, idle, or underutilized properties in which redevelopment or expansion is complicated by the presence or perception of contamination. In Michigan, this can include blighted, functionally obsolete, or historic properties. With a proper plan in place, these properties often present excellent opportunities for private investment and local growth. Cleaning up and redeveloping these properties increase local tax bases, facilitate job growth, utilize existing infrastructure, reduces development pressures on undeveloped land, and improves/protects the environment.

Brownfield properties often present unique challenges that must be addressed prior to development. These challenges may include environmental contamination, hazardous materials, blighted structures, aging infrastructure, or other conditions that can create uncertainty and increased development costs. Many times, these properties are priced attractively because of real or perceived Brownfield conditions. At Triterra, we view ourselves as a valued partner with your development team by providing critical due diligence and Brownfield consulting services. These services are required to fully understand foreseeable Brownfield conditions and provide the expertise necessary to successfully develop Brownfield sites.

We develop effective environmental solutions to help move your project forward with certainty.

The key to successful Brownfield development is strategic and creative planning through an understanding of site conditions, projected development costs and available financial incentives. Our Brownfield services, utilized within numerous successful projects throughout the Midwestern United States, have provided unrivaled value again and again.

Triterra has developed a comprehensive Brownfield platform that is tailored to the needs of each business, community, or project. To date, Triterra has assisted clients acquire over $100 million in Brownfield Incentives.

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Triterra can assist your business or community with the evaluation of known or perceived environmental issues by conducting the following Brownfield Consulting services:

  • Brownfield Incentive Evaluations
  • Tax Increment Financing Plans
  • Tax Abatements
  • Brownfield Grants & Loans
  • Planning and Design Services
  • Environmental Due Diligence Services
  • Liability Protection & Due Care Services
  • Hazardous Materials Assessments
  • Contaminant Investigation
  • Hazardous Material Abatement
  • Demolition Management
  • Contaminant Remediation
  • Owner Representation
  • Construction Loan Monitoring

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Faced with Complex Environmental or Regulatory Challenges?

We understand that environmental solutions are never cut and dry. Send us the details of your project and a member of our team will respond in a timely manner to discuss your project, your needs, and start developing the best solution for you.